Meeting Minutes - September 1, 2021

Caleb calls meeting to order at 7:02 PM on September 1, 2021.

Members Present


President: Caleb

Vice President: Aaron

Finance Officer: Zach

Projects Manager: Josh

Secretary: Rhys


Webmaster: Mykal Machon


Member: Adam

Member: Andrew

Member: Diego

Meeting Items


1. Association Report

  • The plan is to hold monthly meetings during the semester.

2. Financial Report

  • No updates regarding bank account access.

3. SCC Report

  • We now have the keys from former president Michael.
  • Caleb will get the keys from Zach and distribute them to any executives who want a copy.

4. Website Report

  • Mykal was absent, so no report was given.

5. Communications Report

  • We could create a TikTok but it might not be the best platform and would require a lot of work.
  • Instagram is most likely our most popular social media.
  • Right now the Instagram account is dead, so we could create new one.
  • A LinkedIn should be created as well.
  • Put up posters for the CSA.
  • Retire the Facebook and leave a post linking to the new social media.
  • Josh has gained access to the Facebook.
  • We will create a new email for the social medias as well as new social medias.

6. Projects Report

  • No active projects.

7. Events Report

  • Event Ideas:
    • Social (mature) at a bar or restaurant.
    • Game night/tournament with prizes and food.
    • Have guest speakers come in w/ refreshments and food.
    • Potentially alumni to come speak about their experiences in the industry.
    • Get recruiters to talk about jobs and what they are looking for in candidates.
    • Profs or graduate students talking about their research.
  • $20 Steam gift card for who recruits the most members in a set time period.

8. Expansion Report

  • Caleb met with UFV Co-op Coordinator Kayla.
  • She is willing to help spread CSA events and socials.
  • Kayla was looking for feedback about the co-op program and if any students had suggestions for feedback.
  • Was working with Michael (ex president) on an event.
  • There was a meeting with other STEM student groups
  • Four other associations were present:
    • Biology/Chemistry Student Association
    • UFV Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology
    • Physics Student Association
    • Pre-Med Student Association
  • They are looking for more collaboration between STEM associations
  • PSA is planning an event at the Corn maze on October 28th.
  • They are looking for volunteers.
  • Discord thread will be made for those who are interested in helping.
  • Support from other STEM groups.

9. Department Report

  • There is a department meeting soon which Caleb is attending.
  • Caleb will pass on any needed info.

Action Items

  • Create a thread for people interested in other STEM groups events.
  • Create a thread for items that can be purchased.
  • Create thread for event ideas and get a rough idea how many people would attend.
  • Caleb will also begin organizing the current CSA information and putting together a plan for the Fall.
  • Caleb will create a new gmail account for the CSA.
  • Caleb will inquire about SCC access during the Fall 2021 semester and rules regarding in person meetings/events.
  • Josh will look into creating new social media accounts and updating them.
  • Zach will get in contact w/ Tyler about getting into the bank account.

Meeting adjourned at 7:49 PM.

Meeting minutes created by Rhys.

Next meeting scheduled for October 6, 2021 7:00 PM.