UFV Computing Student Association

UFV’s Computing Student Association exists to represent computing students to UFV faculty and Staff. We provide a space for students to hang out, make friends, and inquire about tutoring or help with projects. We manage the Student Computing Centre (SCC) in room D224 in D-building at the Abbotsford campus. If you have an event you want to organize, or a project you would like to run, talk with us and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

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The Computing Student Association has been around since 2006, though it used to be formerly known as the UFV Computer Information Systems Student Association (CISSA). The CSA represents the students in the Computing Information Systems program at the University of the Fraser Valley to staff and faculty. The CSA is based in the the Student Computing Center in D Building, where students can stop by, both to do computer-related homework, and to ask for tutoring assistance on various CIS or CS related topics.

The goal CSA is to fully provide a fun and enjoyable environment for students on campus, to help build a community of like-minded students from all disciplines in the CIS world.