Meeting Minutes - November 3, 2021

Caleb calls meeting to order at 7:04 PM on November 3, 2021.

Members Present


President: Caleb

Vice President: Aaron

Finance Officer: Zach


Projects Manager: Josh

Secretary: Rhys

Webmaster: Mykal Machon


Member: Adam

Member: Diego

Meeting Items


1. Association Report

  • Decided not to record meetings as it didn't seem like many people were interested.
  • Meeting minutes will continue to be posted to website.
  • Will hold an election in December as Caleb and Mykal are graduating.

2. Financial Report

  • Report given by Zach.
  • Finally have access to a new account at the bank.
  • Old funds have been transferred over.
  • Discussed amending the constitution so executive members need to sign off from account withing a week of graduating.
  • This would hopefully prevent this situation from happening again as it took 2 months and hours of meeting with the bank to get access back.
  • We have given Carl a list of items for purchase.
  • No response yet from him yet.

3. SCC Report

  • Caleb made 2 keys, he still needs to give a copy to Zach.
  • No update from Carl regarding renovating the room and getting new items.
  • Discussed what to do with stuff in the SCC:
    • Whatever we can sell, we will sell on Craigslist for fair market value.
    • The rest we can trash.

4. Website Report

  • Mykal was not present for report.
  • Going ahead with refactor to AstroJS.
  • Project board and issues were opened on Github.
  • Still looking for someone to help out on the site.
  • Lack of interest in helping out with the site.
  • Zach proposed just having a static HTML site for simplicity.

5. Communications Report

  • Instagram account now has 54 followers.
  • Mentions from other STEM groups.
  • It's good we are posting even if it doesn't directly increase engagement.
  • Retire the Facebook and leave a post linking to the new social media.
  • Caleb scheduled the old Instagram account for deletion.
  • Could use a new banner for Twitter, LinkedIn, and website.

6. Projects Report

  • CSA has a new logo!
  • Currently at 329 members on Discord.
  • Recruitment has slowed down.
    • Next semester is looking like it will mostly be in person.
    • So much more potential for recruiting by going to classes (Caleb won't be here for that though).
  • Merchandise project has started and we are in contact with a local company.
    • Discussed price ranges and what items should be bought.
    • Decided to create a poll to gauge interest and see what sizes and how many items should be bought.

7. Events Report

  • CSA held its first online Valorant tournament on October 23rd.
  • Also had our first in-person event in years at the Trading Post.
  • We will continue planning for more November events:
    • LAN gaming/Watch Party Event November
    • Another online only event.
  • LAN gaming/Watch Party Event November:
    • Tentative November 26, at 6 PM.
    • Will have free food, drinks, and prizes.
    • Mixing of games and watching.
    • Should bring a PC/laptop but we'll also have a console.

8. Expansion Report

  • Collaborated with the Physics Student Association (PSA) for a corn maze event.
    • Their event went well but no one from the CSA attended.
    • It seemed like they aren't that interested in future collabs unless we have people organizing or pitch in funds.
    • PSA is having an event on campus on the last of classes.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Volunteer Opportunity:
    • Volunteer with kids in the Fraser Valley.
    • Possibility of teaching kids to code.
    • Always looking for people but no one in the CSA seemed interested.
  • Collaboration with Kayla:
    • Caleb reached out to Kayla.
    • She will shout out the CSA to CS and CIS members in the Co-op.
    • The Career Center is having a career month right throughout November.
    • On their Instagram ufvjobs and at visit the career fair at

9. Department Report

  • Caleb was not able to attend the October department meeting.
    • Frank Zhang reviewed CIS 100, 6 year review was long overdue
    • Updated text book and content, learning outcomes are the same.
    • More discussion around MSc.

Action Items

  • Zach will submit funds request for November Gaming Night.
  • Caleb will email Carl again regarding items requested.
  • Caleb will start working on the website refactor.
  • Caleb will update the Facebook and redirect people to our Instagram and Discord.
  • Caleb will post a poll for merchandise and what people want.

Meeting adjourned at 7:37 PM.

Meeting minutes created by Caleb.

Next meeting scheduled for December 8, 2021 7:00 PM.