Meeting Minutes - March 19, 2020

Members Present:

President: Michael Bennett
SCC Manager: Andrew Foisey

Michael calls meeting to order at March 19, 2020 4:01. Andrew seconds.

Andrew motions to accept the agenda. Michael seconds.

1. Association report:

  1. Have not heard back from key requests. Andrew attempts to interject, but the meeting moves forward regardless.
  2. Elections will occur in Fall, assuming school resumes. AGM scheduling should be a decision item next meeting.

2. Financial report:

  1. See previous minutes for current status.

3. SCC report:

  1. It's pretty okay.
  2. Calendar is still a potential project. No point working on it right now.

4. Website report:

  1. Michael took photos for a new header image for the website. Will create a collage later.
  2. Still todo on calendar for SCC being integrated into website.
  3. Website redesign probably not currently necessary but worth working on if students are interested.
  4. TODO - take down 3D printer info on website. Maybe put up mention of faculty printer, if they want.
  5. Exam scheduler could be useful, there is some student interest.
  6. Caleb & Mykal both have website access now.

5. Communications report:

  1. Discord bot has been added for notifications.

6. Projects report:

  1. Pinboards are on hold until virus ceases.
  2. If anyone wants GitHub association access, request it at
  3. TODO - fix csa email account system

7. Events report:

  1. ERA event is cancelled.
  2. Hackathon: Still a possibility in the future. Should consider talking to professors when possible about involvement.
  3. Funding might be possible through UFV. TODO - look into this as an option for events.
  4. Gaming event would still be popular. Considering either Board Games+LAN or Smash/similar tournament. Should discuss with more people. TODO - Probe for interest in Discord.

8. Expansion report:

  1. We are now in touch with Kayla from co-op and there is mutual interest in future coop related events.

9. Department news:

  1. IEEE Hackathon has been delayed until at least May 1.

Decision Items:

  1. Meet in 3 weeks online again to discuss further. Schedule it next week.

Meeting adjourned at 4:12PM by Michael.

Meeting minutes created by Michael Bennett.