Meeting Minutes - February 27, 2020

Members Present:

President: Michael Bennett
Projects Manager: James Purdey
Website Manager: Andrew Foisey

Member Regrets:

Michael calls meeting to order at February 27, 2020 4:08. Andrew seconds.

Andrew motions to accept the agenda. Michael seconds.

1. Association report:

  1. Haven't heard back from UFV Key Requests yet. Will give them one week (first week of March) then will pursue other avenues for getting in contact.
  2. We cannot get a mail server for firewall-related reasons.
  3. Agreed that we should have elections sooner than later.

2. Financial report:

  1. See previous minutes for current status.

3. SCC report:

  1. The student computer now works!
  2. The printer now works!
  3. The 3D printer definitely does not work.
  4. RAM chips have been removed as per decision in last meeting.
  5. Andrew wants to throw away expired soda. Maybe decision item.

4. Website report:

  1. As of today, we show up on Google as the third result for "csa ufv"! So SEO is sort of working. Sent an email to in regards to fixing the UFV link.
  2. Will take photos for new header image today.
  3. Still todo on calendar for SCC being integrated into website.
  4. Website redesign probably not currently necessary but worth working on if students are interested.
  5. TODO - take down 3D printer info on website. Maybe put up mention of faculty printer, if they want.
  6. Exam scheduler could be useful
  7. Should be good to give Caleb and Mykal SSH access to the website.

5. Communications report:

  1. Everyone agrees on adding a bot to the discord to give tags to users so they can opt in to notifications.
  2. Michael did put this meeting on twitter but the engagement seemed... low.
  3. Fliers on public notice boards - still a consideration
  4. TODO - Add random/meme thread in Discord maybe.

6. Projects report:

  1. Finished putting first (out of 3 remaining) set of pins into temporary board; James said he would repaint at one point.
  2. If anyone wants GitHub association access, request it at
  3. TODO - fix csa email account system

7. Events report:

  1. The ERA event is planned to happen on the 25th of March from the morning (probably 8am) to approximately 2pm. The location is TBD, ERA will bring a hard drive shredder.
  2. Hackathon: Speak with Carl. Michael notes that this would require a lot of planning.
  3. Funding might be possible through UFV. TODO - look into this as an option for events.
  4. Gaming event would still be popular. Considering either Board Games+LAN or Smash/similar tournament. Should discuss with more people. TODO - Probe for interest in Discord.
  5. Next meeting - 3 weeks? Another poll seems like a good idea for this. Try for exactly 3 weeks out. Post poll today. TODO.

8. Expansion report:

  1. Talked about whether a bigger room might be possible. Will probe around for this, might require more engagement.

9. Department news:

  1. IEEE may or may not be happening.

Decision Items:

  1. Agreed that we shouldn't publicize printer information. Anyone is allowed to use it while a CSA rep is in the room.
  2. Andrew proposes scrapping and selling the printer. We will wait a week to do a proper vote on this.

Next meeting will be in three weeks assuming nothing changes.

Meeting adjourned at 5:04PM by Michael.

Meeting minutes created by Michael Bennett.