Meeting Minutes - February 6, 2020

Members Present:

President: Michael Bennett Projects Manager: James Purdey CSA Members: Andrew Foisey

Member Regrets: Derek William

Meeting called to order at February 6, 2020 4:18.

Andrew motions to accept the agenda. Michael seconds.

1. Association report:

  1. Plans made to speak with professors regarding spreading information about CSA to students.
  2. Going to speak with security regarding keys.

2. Financial report:

  1. $44.15 on fridge
  2. Todo: Gain exact figures on bank, shares, & cabinet.

3. SCC report:

  1. Lock needs relocking
  2. Calendar creation is necessary for open-times
  3. Room rules should be enforced. Including: Volume, hygiene.

4. Website report:

  1. Todo: Fix SEO for google ( ->

5. Communications report:

  1. Broadcast stuff over facebook, twitter, instagram
  2. Fliers on public notice boards

6. Projects report:

  1. Nobody is sure what the intention of the openstack project was for (from previous agendas). Not going to include on future agends.
  2. Looks like there is interest in finishing the current pinboard project.
  3. Caleb was volunteered to redesign the website.
  4. Look into getting professor involvement (Potential VR thing).

7. Events report:

  1. ERA event: students expressed interest.
  2. Hackathon: Speak with Carl.
  3. Gaming event would be popular.

8. Expansion report:

  1. There is interest in helping people get interested in co-op.
  2. There is interest in helping people get prepared for co-op.
  3. Helping students is difficult due to possible issues with academic dishonesty. Add written rule for not giving answers, only guidance/advice, where appropriate.

9. Department news:

  1. IEEE may or may not be happening.

Decision Items:

  1. Probably going to remove the broken computer in a permanent sense.
  2. Potentially sell 3D printer.
  3. Recycle RAM chips.
  4. We don't know where that power supply came from.
  5. Assume this time until something preferable is found.
  6. Andrew was given key by unanimous vote.

Next meeting will be in three weeks assuming nothing changes.

Meeting adjourned at 5:13PM by Michael.

Meeting minutes created by Michael Bennett.