Meeting Minutes - December 8, 2021

Caleb calls meeting to order at 7:08 PM on December 8, 2021.

Members Present


President: Caleb

Vice President: Aaron

Finance Officer: Zach

Secretary: Rhys

Projects Manager: Josh


Webmaster: Mykal Machon


Member: Nav

Member: Nitish

Member: Adam

Member: Joshua

Meeting Items


1. Association Report

  • Holding election today!

2. Financial Report

  • Report from Zach.
  • SUS payed initial 50% for gaming night event.
  • We have purchased prizes for gaming night.
  • Still no response from Carl regarding funding from department.
  • SUS hasn't responded about merchandise funding.
  • Caleb will contact bank and sign off on account.

3. SCC Report

  • Zach now had keys and Caleb will return his keys.
  • Keys from old members should be collected.
  • Still no update from Carl regarding renovations to room.
  • Doubt anything has happened to items in SCC.
  • Project idea for next year.

4. Website Report

  • Mykal was not present for report.
  • No progress on refactor to AstroJS.
  • Caleb proposes to keep using Gatsby framework for site.
  • Caleb updated site styling and logo and site has a more modern look.
  • Otherwise, still looking for someone to help out on the site.

5. Communications Report

  • Instagram account now has 67 followers.
  • Can no longer access the old Facebook account.
    • Email is not gmail and password is no where to be found

6. Projects Report

  • Merchandise project
    • Caleb created poll and people were fairly interested in merch.
    • Merchandise has been ordered and is scheduled for December 17.
    • Will be available for purchase $40 and we will have extras.

7. Events Report

  • Gaming night was delayed by 2 weeks due to flooding.
    • Is now taking place on December 9, at 6 PM in B161.
    • CS, League of Legends, and Rocket League
    • Will have free food, drinks, and prizes.
    • Mixing of games and watching.

8. Expansion Report

  • Collaborating with PSA for their Casino Royale.
  • Kayla shouted out the CSA to co-op students.

9. Department Report

  • No department report.
  • Meeting was cancelled as far as Caleb knows.


President: Zach Griffin elected.

Vice President: Aaron reelected.

Finance Officer: Navdeep Dhillon elected.

Secretary: Rhys reelected.

Projects Manager: Josh reelected.

Webmaster: Nitish elected.

Meeting adjourned at 7:31 PM.

Meeting minutes created by Rhys Leflar and Caleb.

Next meeting scheduled for January 5, 2022 7:00 PM.