November 3, 2021
Caleb Langbroek calls the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. on November 3, 2021
Members Present
Caleb LangbroekCaleb Langbroek (President)
Aaron Creor (Vice President)
Zach GriffinZach Griffin (Unknown)
Josh GourdeJosh Gourde (Project Manager)
Rhys Leflar (Secretary)
Mykal MachonMykal Machon (Webmaster)
Adam (Member)
Diego (Member)
Caleb Langbroek adjourned the meeting at 7:37 p.m. on November 3, 2021.
Meeting Duration: 33 minutes
Next meeting: 7:00 p.m. on December 8, 2021
Caleb Langbroek created the meeting minutes at 6:35 p.m. on March 11, 2024.


1. Association Report

  • Decided not to record meetings as it didn't seem like many people were interested.
  • Meeting minutes will continue to be posted to website.
  • Will hold an election in December as Caleb and Mykal are graduating.

2. Financial Report

  • Report given by Zach.
  • Finally have access to a new account at the bank.
  • Old funds have been transferred over.
  • Discussed amending the constitution so executive members need to sign off from account withing a week of graduating.
  • This would hopefully prevent this situation from happening again as it took 2 months and hours of meeting with the bank to get access back.
  • We have given Carl a list of items for purchase.
  • No response yet from him yet.

3. SCC Report

  • Caleb made 2 keys, he still needs to give a copy to Zach.
  • No update from Carl regarding renovating the room and getting new items.
  • Discussed what to do with stuff in the SCC:
    • Whatever we can sell, we will sell on Craigslist for fair market value.
    • The rest we can trash.

4. Website Report

  • Mykal was not present for report.
  • Going ahead with refactor to AstroJS.
  • Project board and issues were opened on Github.
  • Still looking for someone to help out on the site.
  • Lack of interest in helping out with the site.
  • Zach proposed just having a static HTML site for simplicity.

5. Communications Report

  • Instagram account now has 54 followers.
  • Mentions from other STEM groups.
  • It's good we are posting even if it doesn't directly increase engagement.
  • Retire the Facebook and leave a post linking to the new social media.
  • Caleb scheduled the old Instagram account for deletion.
  • Could use a new banner for Twitter, LinkedIn, and website.

6. Projects Report

  • CSA has a new logo!
  • Currently at 329 members on Discord.
  • Recruitment has slowed down.
    • Next semester is looking like it will mostly be in person.
    • So much more potential for recruiting by going to classes (Caleb won't be here for that though).
  • Merchandise project has started and we are in contact with a local company.
    • Discussed price ranges and what items should be bought.
    • Decided to create a poll to gauge interest and see what sizes and how many items should be bought.

7. Events Report

  • CSA held its first online Valorant tournament on October 23rd.
  • Also had our first in-person event in years at the Trading Post.
  • We will continue planning for more November events:
    • LAN gaming/Watch Party Event November
    • Another online only event.
  • LAN gaming/Watch Party Event November:
    • Tentative November 26, at 6 PM.
    • Will have free food, drinks, and prizes.
    • Mixing of games and watching.
    • Should bring a PC/laptop but we'll also have a console.

8. Expansion Report

  • Collaborated with the Physics Student Association (PSA) for a corn maze event.
    • Their event went well but no one from the CSA attended.
    • It seemed like they aren't that interested in future collabs unless we have people organizing or pitch in funds.
    • PSA is having an event on campus on the last of classes.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Volunteer Opportunity:
    • Volunteer with kids in the Fraser Valley.
    • Possibility of teaching kids to code.
    • Always looking for people but no one in the CSA seemed interested.
  • Collaboration with Kayla:
    • Caleb reached out to Kayla.
    • She will shout out the CSA to CS and CIS members in the Co-op.
    • The Career Center is having a career month right throughout November.
    • On their Instagram ufvjobs and at visit the career fair at

9. Department Report

  • Caleb was not able to attend the October department meeting.
    • Frank Zhang reviewed CIS 100, 6 year review was long overdue
    • Updated text book and content, learning outcomes are the same.
    • More discussion around MSc.

Action Items

  • Zach will submit funds request for November Gaming Night.
  • Caleb will email Carl again regarding items requested.
  • Caleb will start working on the website refactor.
  • Caleb will update the Facebook and redirect people to our Instagram and Discord.
  • Caleb will post a poll for merchandise and what people want.