February 27, 2020
Michael Bennett calls the meeting to order at 4:08 p.m. on February 27, 2020
Members Present
Michael Bennett (President)
James Purdey (Project Manager)
Andrew Foisey (SCC Manager)
Derek William (CSA Member)
Michael Bennett adjourned the meeting at 5:04 p.m. on February 27, 2020.
Meeting Duration: 56 minutes
Next meeting: 4:00 p.m. on March 11, 2024
Michael Bennett created the meeting minutes at 6:02 p.m. on March 11, 2024.

1. Association report:

  • Haven't heard back from UFV Key Requests yet. Will give them one week (first week of March) then will pursue other avenues for getting in contact.
  • We cannot get a csa.ufv.ca mail server for firewall-related reasons.
  • Agreed that we should have elections sooner than later.

2. Financial report:

  • See previous minutes for current status.

3. SCC report:

  • The student computer now works!
  • The printer now works!
  • The 3D printer definitely does not work.
  • RAM chips have been removed as per decision in last meeting.
  • Andrew wants to throw away expired soda. Maybe decision item.

4. Website report:

  • As of today, we show up on Google as the third result for "csa ufv"! So SEO is sort of working. Sent an email to info@ufv.ca in regards to fixing the UFV link.
  • Will take photos for new header image today.
  • Still todo on calendar for SCC being integrated into website.
  • Website redesign probably not currently necessary but worth working on if students are interested.
  • TODO - take down 3D printer info on website. Maybe put up mention of faculty printer, if they want.
  • Exam scheduler could be useful
  • Should be good to give Caleb and Mykal SSH access to the website.

5. Communications report:

  • Everyone agrees on adding a bot to the discord to give tags to users so they can opt in to notifications.
  • Michael did put this meeting on twitter but the engagement seemed... low.
  • Fliers on public notice boards - still a consideration
  • TODO - Add random/meme thread in Discord maybe.

6. Projects report:

  • Finished putting first (out of 3 remaining) set of pins into temporary board; James said he would repaint at one point.
  • If anyone wants GitHub association access, request it at https://github.com/ufvcsa
  • TODO - fix csa email account system

7. Events report:

  • The ERA event is planned to happen on the 25th of March from the morning (probably 8am) to approximately 2pm. The location is TBD, ERA will bring a hard drive shredder.
  • Hackathon: Speak with Carl. Michael notes that this would require a lot of planning.
  • Funding might be possible through UFV. TODO - look into this as an option for events.
  • Gaming event would still be popular. Considering either Board Games+LAN or Smash/similar tournament. Should discuss with more people. TODO - Probe for interest in Discord.
  • Next meeting - 3 weeks? Another poll seems like a good idea for this. Try for exactly 3 weeks out. Post poll today. TODO.

8. Expansion report:

  • Talked about whether a bigger room might be possible. Will probe around for this, might require more engagement.

9. Department news:

  • IEEE may or may not be happening.

Decision Items:

  • Agreed that we shouldn't publicize printer information. Anyone is allowed to use it while a CSA rep is in the room.
  • Andrew proposes scrapping and selling the printer. We will wait a week to do a proper vote on this.