March 5, 2018
Tyler McEnaney calls the meeting to order at 12:40 p.m. on March 5, 2018
Members Present
Tyler McEnaney (President)
Dennis Semeniuk (Vice President)
Cody Beaty (Secretary)
Michael Bennett (President)
Michael Hines (Media Manager)
Maxine Cowan (Treasurer)
Kyle Greenly (SCC Manager)
James Purdey (Project Manager)
Kevin McFarlane (Representative)
Tyler McEnaney adjourned the meeting at 12:55 p.m. on March 5, 2018.
Meeting Duration: 15 minutes
Next meeting: 12:00 p.m. on March 19, 2018
Cody Beaty created the meeting minutes at 7:02 p.m. on June 23, 2024.

Michael Hines motons to adopt the agenda. Dominic ____ seconds. The moton passes by acclimaton.

1. Financial Report

Main Chequing: $1,292.51
No transactons in March, but here's the breakdown for last two weeks in February for your

Feb 28 2018: +$0.04 (Credit) "System Generated Entry"
Feb 27 2018: -$6.55 (Automatc) "Pre-Authorized Debit PAYPAL" (Website)
FWCU Membership Shares: $38.79 (no change)
Fridge Kity: Not checked.
Filing Cabinet: Should be no change unless someone moved money in there. Only a few
bills for stuff like key deposits.
Last funding request is stll in progress. We are confrming what we’ve spent and giving SUS back
the remaining money.
Dennis’ notepads request has been approved but no purchase has been made yet.

1. Website Report

1. Constitution has been updated
2. Regulations have not been updated
3. ACTION: Update events

2. Communications Report
1. Micheal talked with SUS about a Pokémon event. They said the only thing that he would
have to provide is security.
2. Kyle Bailey is the faculties coordinator for security.
2. Projects Report
1. GitLab / Openstack
1. No update.
2. Pinboards
1. Pinboard has made a lot of progress and just missing some pins that need painting.
3. Rules
1. Just need to print them off.
4. Fix Computer
1. There was more wrong with the computer than first thought.
2. ACTION: Trying to fix the computer today so we can get the printer back up.
5. Raspberry Pi
1. Talked about using it for the printer.
3. Events
1. Chilliwack Startup Hackathon
1. They have invited us to be partners again this year.
1. All executives agree to the partnership.
2. See website for more information
4. Department Report
1. No meeting
5. UFV News
1. Carrier fair this Thursday march 8
2. New road work nearly done