Chilliwack.Tech /Next

Sat Nov 17 2018

UFV Chilliwack Campus

The Chilliwack.Tech/Next event is the ideal place for high school and university students to get hands-on introductions to the fastest growing hi-tech fields. Participants will also learn more about local tech companies, startups, and the business side of the industry. This action-packed afternoon will take place in Chilliwack on November 18th, from 1pm to 6pm. Registration is only $10._

Run by the Chilliwack.Tech (part of the Chilliwack Innovation Network) in partnership with the Computing Student Association, this event features 3 50-minute hands-on learning sessions, and a series of 7 smaller “lightning talks”. With snacks and drinks provided, this 5 hour event offers a great opportunity for students to meet some of the local industry members and potentially meet partners for Chilliwack.Tech’s upcoming annual Hackathon.

To purchase your tickets or learn more about the event, visit the event page at