Updated Site + CSA Merch has Arrived Image
Updated Site + CSA Merch has Arrived

First, I've got some cool news for everyone, our site has finally been updated so feel free to check it out at https://csa.ufv.ca/. A huge thank you to Samuel, <@1067870977305890907>, for making this. Events and announcements now have separate channels where posts from the site will be auto posted. We don't want to spam the entire server with reminders when events are coming closer so we've decided to use discord events. You can click interested to opt in to be notified for events you're interested in (should be a month and a week prior to the event in question). Overall, I'm really liking the direction we're going, again, huge thanks to Samuel for making this possible!

Lastly, we got merch! As you can see in the image above, those are the main designs that people ordered. We did order extra pixelated versions so if you're still interested in getting one, we do have extras. If there is enough interest, we may also do a secondary drop so if you were on the fence and want to come check em out, let us know. That's it for now!