IEEE Announcement

For those that couldn't make it to the IEEE meeting. We learned about how by joining IEEE we get a ton more opportunities for making connections with actual employers and getting your projects in front of them. This gives you a huge advantage applying to different places. Another benefit she mentioned were very recognizable scholarship opportunities given that IEEE is one of the largest international organizations for COMP / CIS students. If joining sounds good to you, we are starting a UFV chapter for IEEE. To join, sign up for an account on, then, join IEEE as a student. Once that is done, you'll be given an IEEE member number, this can be found by clicking on your name at the top, then on Membership information, Membership card and certificates and finally onto IEEE membership card. At the bottom of this PDF you'll be able to view your code. If you sign up, DM me your full name, student email and your IEEE member code. For members, once I have everyone's info forwarded to Mandeep, I will email everyone regarding electing a chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary. EDIT: For those that want to join, there is a 16 USD membership fee. (edited)10

March 4, 2024