CSA Nominee Campaign Begins NOW

Hey guys,

Before we start the elections, I thought we should get to know our candidates. I've created a campaigning channel for them to spread their propaganda and tell you why they should be elected. I've also created another channel for you to ask your burning questions to our candidates.

The nominees have been given a temporary nominee role so you can tell them apart, the list is as follows:


  • Sabreen Gill (@Sabrreen)
  • Varad Pund (@whoisvarad_)


  • Simranjit Singh (@thetranquillion)
  • Ishwak Sharda (@ishwaksharda09)
  • Samuel Shull (@CourseDiscovery)
  • Gurpreet Singh (@gurpreet.singh.)


  • Mason Paquette (@general_mario)
  • Ngan Phan (@nganphan)


  • Simranjit Singh
  • Mason Paquette
  • Ngan Phan
  • Gurpreet Singh

Communication Manager:

  • Samuel Shull
  • Sabreen Gill
  • Varad Pund
  • Krish Manchanda (@krish3556)

If anyone has any questions, DM me (@JoshG) or ask in general and I'll answer whatever I can. The campaigning phase will continue until the end of April. We will start elections May 1st and have them go until May 14th.