Raspberry Pis

The CSA owns two of the original Raspberry Pi Model B units, as well as a small collection of addons to be used with the units by students. These include:

  • USB wireless internet receivers
  • USB Keyboard & Mouse
  • HDMI to DVI cable
  • XInput gamepad (360)
  • Micro USB to USB cable
  • MicroSD memory card
  • USB memory card reader

As the raspberry pi units are property of the CSA, they’re available for students to work with as they wish with the parts and funding we have available.

Unit 1

Unit 1 currently runs RetroPi, a collection of emulators for the raspberry pi. This unit is commonly used at UFV events (such as uJoin) and remains set up in the SCC currently.

Unit 2

Unit 2 currently is sitting unused, waiting for a student with an idea to put it to use!


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Operating Systems



  • CompTIA Security+