Meeting Minutes - October 6, 2021

Caleb calls meeting to order at 7:05 PM on October 6, 2021.

Members Present


President: Caleb

Vice President: Aaron

Finance Officer: Zach

Projects Manager: Josh

Secretary: Rhys

Webmaster: Mykal Machon



Meeting Items


1. Association Report

  • Potentially record meetings and post them online.

2. Financial Report

  • Currently in the process of getting back access to the bank account.
  • Will start doing events once access is gained.
  • Spare funding may be available if we get enough interest (info from carl).

3. SCC Report

  • Rhys and Caleb currently both have keys.
  • More keys will be made for any executive members who want them.
  • Budget for renovating the room has been requested from Carl.
  • Depending on the surplus it looks like that could be possible either this year or next.
  • There are a lot of items within the SCC need to be dealt with (thrown out or given away).

4. Website Report

  • If anyone is interested in helping with the website feel free to reach out to an executive member.
  • Currently, the website is using Gatsby.
  • Mykal is interested in doing a re-write and changing frameworks.
  • Gatsby has some quirks with GraphQL and the barrier to entry may be a bit high.
  • We are currently considering using AstroJS.
  • Since Mykal and Caleb are both graduating this semester, we are looking for someone to take over as webmaster and for overall help with the website.

5. Communications Report

  • Instagram account has been created and we currently have 33 followers.
  • Josh also posted executive team intros on Instagram.
  • Announcements channel and Instagram are how to keep up to date with the CSA.
  • New Gmail account has been created and emails are being forwarded to it.

6. Projects Report

  • Looking for someone to do a logo redesign.
  • Recruiting for the CSA is still in progress.

7. Events Report

  • Results for event survey that was posted on Discord.
    • Social and Gaming events had the most interest (85%).
    • People are also interested in hearing from industry guest speakers (85%).
    • Academic and guest speakers with (69%).
    • Recruiting events were also fairly popular (60%).
    • People were least interested in doing board game events (46%).
  • Based on feedback the CSA Will do more social and gaming events in the future.
  • October 30th at 6 PM is the tentative time for the first fund raising event.
  • Gaming events will be played through discord.
    • Party games (jackbox, drawful, etc).
    • Low barrier to entry games.
    • Esports may be on interest.
  • All events done are open to all students of UFV.

8. Expansion Report

  • For the first time in two years the CSA was back at the Campus Engagement Expo!
  • Event went well and it was good to finally have a presence at an association event.
  • We are also doing a collaboration with Physics Student Association (PSA) for a corn maze event.
  • They are looking for people to help with planning for the event.

9. Department Report

  • Caleb attended the department meeting for the School of Computing.
    • Recently rebranded and now Carl is head of the department.
    • Potentially more research budget for students and faculty.
    • There will be a course audit to update curriculum and ensure the course requirements make sense.
    • More degree options being looked at.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Meeting minutes created by Rhys Leflar.

Next meeting scheduled for November 3, 2021 7:00 PM.